Christina van Roest appointed General Manager

25th July 2020

Photograph of Christina van RoestThe trustees are delighted to announce that Christina van Roest, a very familiar face at the Foodbank, has rejoined the Board of Trustees and has been appointed General Manager. Christina has been heavily involved in the Foodbank since its inception in 2013 and has worked tirelessly for many years with referral agencies, volunteers and clients to ensure that support reaches those that need it. Christina’s appointment brings the Board to three and it is planned that further trustees will be appointed in due course.

COVID-19 Impact

The impact of Covid-19, both in terms of isolation for vulnerable individuals and employment worries for those affected by lockdown, has been far-reaching. A number of experienced volunteers at the Foodbank have not been able to continue their good work and at the same time the charity has seen a marked increase in demand for support. Whilst some of this increase is temporary as individuals struggle with short term changes in their circumstances it has put the charity under a lot of pressure. In the six-month period from January to June 2020 the average weekly distribution of food and supplies has increased from 600 kilos to 1,000 kilos. Thankfully, the residents of Cobham and the surrounding area have risen to the challenge and we have seen a big increase in donations, both by way of provisions and financial. This generosity together with charitable grants has enabled us to keep up with demand.

New banking arrangements

On a more mundane note the Foodbank has changed its banking arrangements. The bank account for the charity is now with CAF Bank so if you have a standing order please contact the manager ([email protected]) to get the latest details. The Trustees are very grateful for the financial support that regular donors give to the charity as it enables them to meet the ongoing costs of maintaining a warehouse and delivery vehicle.

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