News Update – July 2021

9th July 2021

Dear Friends, Donors and Volunteers of Cobham Area Foodbank,

July 2021 – A short update on how we are doing at the Foodbank.

Since the start of the Pandemic we have been able to help families coming to our Centre at the Cobham United Church on Stoke Road (KT11 3BD) every Tuesday from 12.00 – 13.30, and long may we continue to do so.

We have heard stories of disappointment, frustration, loneliness, being out of work, being cooped up because of lockdown with kids not knowing what to do anymore, parents out of work, worried about income and trying to cope with daily life with all the restrictions. No wonder that causes mental health problems for many, including children. There are so many people with particular needs in our area, who need more than just food, and we try to help by signposting, talking and encouraging them to hang in there for better times. But the daily urgency is clear to see.

We have welcomed your donations and your many requests about where to drop off food, where to send monetary gifts and how to help. We are greatly supported by your generous donations, your prayers and offers of help and are very grateful.

We might be over the worst, but much is still uncertain, worrying and unpredictable. At the Foodbank we continue our efforts to help as many people as we can, who come through our doors and contact us. We’ll keep to PPE use and take the precautions that were enforced from the beginning of the Pandemic, because many people would be disadvantaged and hurt if we had to isolate and shut down.

Please continue to take your food donations to the ‘drop off’ points, also called ‘collection points’ and ‘bins’ at the churches and various shops. The Rugby Club in Cobham (KT11 2BU) is collecting food for the Foodbank and is an easily accessible point to drop off. Please just check their opening times before you go there.

See our website and other media platforms for our latest requested items which are most in need to distribute to our clients. Remember to check the ‘bin list’ when you start your shopping and look out for the Foodbank labels on the shelves by needed items in Waitrose, Cobham branch.

When dropping off food that was not just bought at the shop, please do check ‘Best Before’ dates. We cannot give out items which are ‘OUT OF DATE’. We do not like to waste food which is desperately needed, but we cannot accept or hand out items that might not be acceptable to eat anymore, according to the Food Standards Agency.

Thanks to all the efforts, generosity and commitment of our supporters we are able to welcome the most vulnerable and needy people in our Community. Please don’t forget them in your gifts and prayers.

Many thanks,


Christina van Roest MA
Trustee & General Manager
Cobham Area Foodbank
Charity No. 1154217 | Registered in England & Wales
T: 01932 450282
[email protected]

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