New Year’s Greetings from our General Manager

3rd January 2022


Photograph of Christina van Roest

Dear Friends, Donors and Supporters,

Happy New Year! Thank you all for the great support and generosity that you have given to the Cobham Area Foodbank in this last year. We have been able to help about a thousand families during the year, who were in great financial difficulties to pay the bills, the cost of living and bring food to the table.

I wonder how many of you have set yourselves a new resolution on New Year’s Day? May I suggest one that is very important and close to all our hearts?  We like to give out lovely Hampers… and bags with goodies and treats… thank you for all the donations for these… BUT please have a look at these ‘hampers’ below?

The boxes with empty cans and jars (two layers in each box) are just a fraction of the items that were donated to us totally out of date… Nearly 100kg of food was donated that was of no use or value to people in need during the month of December. It took hours of work to empty all these, to make a contribution to the environment by re-cycling the packaging. We are all unpaid Foodbank volunteers wanting to help the needy, but spending time and effort sorting and clearing the ‘out of date goods’ is not what we signed up to do.

Which Hamper would you prefer to receive? Let one New Year’s Resolution be to check dates on the items you wish to donate and avoid giving anything ‘out of date’.  We will all have a Happier 2022.

Thank you very much,



Christina van Roest MA

Trustee & General Manager

Cobham Area Foodbank

Charity No. 1154217 | Registered in England & Wales

T: 01932 450282

[email protected]

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